7 kilos less for 14 days with cucumber diet

You lose 7 kg. for 14 days with cucumber diet

This is particularly suitable diet for those who do not want to pay attention to what they eat.

The main product in this diet is cucumber and can be consumed in unlimited quantities, especially when you feel hungry.

Other products that can consume during this diet are:

150g of tuna (oil, 2-boiled eggs or 15 grams of white meat grilled.
3 pieces of wheat bread or 2 larger cooked potato
2 cooked potatoes higher (potatoes may be cooked, baked or toasted not) or 3 pieces of wheat bread
0.5 kg of fresh fruit
liquids: tea, coffee (no sugar)
without alcohol consumption .
in between meals or as part of a meal if you want, you can eat fresh cucumber salad or prepared Sheikh of cucumber.

Whenever you feel hungry, feel free to consume both solutions. The amount is unlimited.


Breakfast: one bowl cucumber salad and 2 hard-boiled egg

Between meals: a large apple, peach one (less than 200 g) or 5 plums

Lunch: toasted whole-grain bread and wheat bowl of cucumber salad

Between meals: Sheikh cucumber

Dinner: fruit choice (300 grams)


What you need to make a cucumber salad


400 grams of cucumber
200 ml of yoghurt, salt and fresh scallions.
How to prepare a salad of cucumber:

When you peel the cucumber, cut it into small pieces. Then add salt and mix well. Then add the yogurt and milk and mix well all. Finally, add the onion and salad is ready.

How to prepare Sheikh of cucumber:

Mix in a blender the following ingredients: an apple, a handful of spinach and a cucumber. Then, after you add a little fresh ginger, again stir in blender. Put Sheikh in a glass and garnish it with chopped almonds and walnuts.

You must immediately drink that does not lose healing properties.

This drink is rich in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin K, and A. It also contains fiber, iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B, E and C.


It is important to be physically active when you are on this diet. You can practice or to do any sports.

Also, 30 minutes of brisk walking can be a great idea.

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