7 bad habits that make your face look older!

Here are some bad habits that make you look older. You can try changing them and you will look more beautiful and younger.


It is very well known that smoking is harmful to the people’s health and skin. There are many photos on the internet that are showing a smoking and non-smoking people and we can definitely see the difference. When we smoke we breathe in those harmful toxins and carcinogens chemicals. They are damaging our health, organs, and skin. Another problem is that are formed deer wrinkles from puckering the lips.


Tanning is another bad habit that makes you look older but you can avoid that using SPF. If you use a moisturizer with SPF you will protect your skin from wrinkling. Use this even in winter, protect your hands, neck, and face.


A diet full of sugars is harmful to the whole body and especially for the skin because the sugar has the ability to attach to some protein like elastin and collagen and they lose the ability to protect the skin from aging and stretching. Then wrinkles and saggy skin appear and we look much older than we actually are.


Sunglasses aren’t only a fashion accessory; they protect our eyes from UV damage. When we aren’t wearing sunglasses the sun makes us squinting and more wrinkles appear on our face. Wearing sunglasses will protect us from forming more wrinkles and other health issues.


Some recent studies have shown that people who are chewing gums regularly have more wrinkles around their mouth. The repetitive moves cause your skin to lose its elasticity faster and therefore, wrinkles show.


We all have a different position of sleeping and lately, it is discovered that sleeping in certain position creates more wrinkles. Sleeping on the sides creates more wrinkles on the cheeks, chin, and chest while sleeping on the stomach creates wrinkles on the forehead. The best position for sleeping is on the back and in this way you will minimize the wrinkles.


Stress weakens the immune system and makes us more prone to cardiovascular diseases. This leads to premature aging. So, in order to avoid this, you must avoid stress too.



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source: healthymultiverse